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  • Graphical Screen Painter does not show up
  • Graphical Layout Editor not available. Continue with alphanumeric editor


  • SAP release independent
  • NetWeaver AS ABAP

Reproducing the Issue

  • Transaction SE51
  • Enter Program & Screen
  • Subobjects -- select Layout Editor
  • Click Display
    * Error "Graphical Layout Editor not available. Continue with alphanumeric editor"


If there is a firewall between the frontend and the R/3 system, then I am afraid there is no solution to this. This is because the Graphical Screen Painter needs an additional RFC link for communication with the app server, as well as having the existing link of the SAPGui. Creating an additional RFC link is not allowed by the firewall. This is also explained in the attached Note: 101971 (see point 1 under solution).


If you wish to use Graphical Screen Painter, Then there are two alternatives: 

  1. Bring the application server out of the firewall and install a SAP router instead, to implement security measures. SAP router services as an application level gateway and controls the access to the R/3 system. The attached Note: 30289 gives a very clear description of the features of SAP router. After implementing this, you will need to add the following string:                                                    

          Before: /H/saprouterhost/W/password/H/
          After  :  /H/saprouterhost/S/3299/W/password/H/

  1. If your organization policy does not allow you to implement point 1, then the only way around this is to use a PCAnywhere connection to a machine behind the firewall and run the GUI on that machine. If you want to use SAP Router with a password string (there is no firewall): The problem is that it is technically impossible to have the screen painter working with a router password. 
  2. If the above point 1 and 2 is not applicable, then you have a problem with your SAPGui installation. Please Uninstall and reinstall SAPGui making sure all relevant options are included.
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