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There are some basic parameters needed to successfully start an upgrade procedure. One needs to know the System ID (SID), Host name and NetWeaver Instance number so that the Java upgrade can start and connect to the right NetWeaver instance. Here is the logic implemented in the Java upgrade tool (SAPJup):

  • Get SID from <SID>adm user (the user who runs the tool)
  • Check /usr/sap/<SID> directory for directories which start with "DVEBMGS" or "J" and contain j2ee subdirectory - for additional bootstrap and instance properties
  • Check /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile directory for SCS profile with name <SID>SCS<XX><HOST>
  • Check /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile directory for central instance(CI) profile <SID>JC<XX><HOST>

Users might get wrong host name or instance number when:

  1. Profile names were changed manually;
  2. More than one profile exists in profile directory (i.e. backup profiles);
  3. Virtual hosts replaced the physical ones and the profile was not changed.

Note: It is possible that there are backup profiles with random extension in the /usr/sap/<SID>/profile directory, In detection phase, the upgrade program skips all files which have  "." (dot) in their name.

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