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This document shows the steps to set Java VM parameters using consoleconfig. This is useful in when configtool UI is not working for some reason.


 Configtool UI is throwing error and you need to edit/set Java VM parameters.


configtool not working


Step 1

 Login to consoleconfig from configtool directory located at /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/j2ee/cluster/configtool. For unix system use ./

Step 2

 Enter Template or Instance dependending on what you need to edit.

Step 3

 Enter 11 for VM Parameters. 

Step 4

If you need to edit memory settings , enter 13. For other system or additional parameters enter the corresponding numbers.

It will ask if you need to use default vendor and platform information. If you choose No, you will see the list of vendor and platform available and then you can choose.

If you say yes, the default platform will be taken and this information will be displayed

Step 5

After choosing the vendor and platform, you will see the first property. If this is the property you need to edit, choose 'E'. For next property choose 'N'


Step 6

After making all the required changes, select the value for "Apply Changes".


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