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You want to report any ABAP post-copy automation (PCA) inquiry due to software misbehavior via customer incident.


The SAP Incident Wizard should be used to report technical issues related to your products or the SAP support applications.

Raise an incident in the following components. Incidents coming in this component are monitored regularly and will be addressed immediately:

  • BC-INS-TC-RT                 for ABAP Task Manager for Lifecycle Management Automation

  • BC-INS-TC-CNT               for Task Lists concerning Basis

  • BW-WHM-TC-SCA           for Task Lists concerning SAP Business Warehouse

  1. Try to be as precise as possible when specifying the support component and the short text of the incident.
  2. Briefly list the actions you've performed in order to reproduce the problem.
  3. If possible (and applicable) attach screenshots that help describing the issue.
  4. Attach one of the following error logs to the customer incident.

Result of program Z_SAP_NOTE_ANALYZER

You attach the result of program Z_SAP_NOTE_ANALYZER for issues during SAP Note implementation. The program is attached to SAP Note 1614266.

  1. Call transaction SE38.
  2. Execute the program Z_SAP_NOTE_ANALYZER.
  3. Ensure that the 'Download needed SAP Notes' checkbox is deselected.
  4. Choose 'Execute'.
  5. The program displays the check result.
  6. Choose 'Download'.
  7. Save the list as local file in HTML format.
  8. Pack the downloaded files as ZIP file.
  9. Attach the ZIP file to the incident.

Log information for task list runs

You attach this log information for issues during or after execution to the incident. The overall log is available with SAP Note 1810570 - Task Manager for Technical Configuration (7. Improvements).

  1. Log on to your ABAP system with logon language English.
  2. Call transaction STC02.
  3. Search for the task list run you want to get the log information.
  4. Choose 'Task List Run' -> 'Display Log'.
  5. Choose 'Download'.
  6. Save the ZIP file to your preferred directory.
  7. Attach the ZIP file to the incident.








SAP Note 1614266