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You face this issue when you check the prerquisites for configuring a managed system using the transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.


Product instances that are assigned and marked as relevant for diagnostics are incorrect.


Prerequisites for managed system configuration 


Ensure that the product instances that are assigned  and marked as relevant for diagnostics are correct. For example, check if the technical system (ABAP) has the product instance "Solution Manager JAVA Stack" marked as installed and relevant for diagnostics in LMDB. If yes, this is wrong. An ABAP technical system cannot have a "Solution Manager JAVA Stack" installed. This product instance has to be assigned to a Java technical system.

Additional Information

For more information on the product instances that must be assigned, refer to Maintenance of Product in the System Landscape.
Do not add software component version manually in LMDB. You can either remove all manually added software component version or delete the technical system in both LMDB and SLD, and run the data supplier again to get a clean state in LMDB. For more information on the data flow between SLD and LMDB, refer to  -> Media Library -> Technical Information -> Setup Guide Landscape Management Database.

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