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network unavailable error, RIM, MDS simulator, Unknown MDS


If you have installed the RIM MDS simulator on the same machine where SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise is installed, you must change the port used by the MDS, because it conflicts with the HTTP port of Tomcat (port 8080) as default port of MDS is also 8080.


To change the default port, update the "WebServer.listen.port" property in the file located at: <INST_DIR_Research_In_Motion>\BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulators\MDS\config\

Accordingly, you must also update the MDS port (HOST_PORT) in the cluster.config file of Mobile server (VAS) located at: <BOBJ_INST_DIR>\Mobile 14\server\VAS\config\

[comm $ mds]
HOST_PORT = <name of your machine> : <MDS port>

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