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Mobile client, download


  1. Check if you are able to connect to the internet from your mobile device. (like
  2. Check if you are connected to internet through GPRS or Edge networks and not through Wi Fi.     Note: Wi Fi is not support for BlackBerry in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile XI 3.x releases. If you are connected to internet through Wi Fi with BlackBerry, you will not be able to connect.  Disable the Wi Fi and connect again through the radio connection.
  3. Ensure that servers are started and check the mappings in the firewall is done properly.
  4. If you are connecting through BlackBerry BES, make sure that Mobile server is reachable (through telnet etc.) from the BES servers.
  5. Use socket test tool (contact support for getting this) and see whether you can connect to the mobile server ports from the tool. This would help you identify any issues related to connectivity.
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