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Crystal reports, crawling frequency, scheduled frequency


Platform Search indexes Crystal Report content only for versions 2008 and 2011. It does not index content for Crystal Reports for Enterprise.

However, for Crystal Reports for Enterprise you can search for document's metadata such as title, description and keyword, which is a part of document properties. 


  • Check if Platform Search supports the document type of the submitted document. If the document type is not supported, then the document is not indexed.
  • Check the option selected for Crawling Frequency. If the Crawling Frequency is set to Continuous crawling, documents are picked immediately for indexing. If the Crawling Frequency is set to Scheduled crawling, indexing is executed only during the scheduled time period.
  • Check the Indexing failure listing to verify if the document is indexed successfully. If the document is displayed in this list, then you need to modify and re-submit it so that Platform Search uses the document for indexing.

    Useful Information

    You can modify the document by adding or deleting a field and then saving it again. This updates the document's timestamp in the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise repository and initiates the re-indexing of the document.

  • Check the Adaptive Processing Server trace logs containing information about the indexing failure.
  1. In the file system, go to
    {BOE Install Dir}\logging\
    containing the APS trace log with .gif extension.
  2. Open the trace log file and search for the document SI_ID, that needs to be indexed.

    Handy Hint

    You can find the document SI_ID from document properties.


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