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Indicator that NOT NULL IS forced for this field

* When the table is initially created, the SE14 database object shows all columns as no null. Once the table is populated


  • SAP release independent
  • NetWeaver AS ABAP


This is normal behavior of SAP DDIC tools.

  1. if I add a newnot null field. This does not propagate to the SE14 database object as not null.
  2. To bring the database object back in sync, requires that the table be converted in SE14.
  3. Once this is done, all the columns will be not null again.
  4. So in your current state, new fields on inserted rows will be not null but to retroactively bring the database object
    back in sync, you will need to execute the conversion in se14.
  5. With some include strucutres on the table. When performing this action is not possible set default value manually, system will try to do so
  6. If the table is empty, does not contain entries, system will successed.
  7. However table contains data, system cannot do that as there is some NULL values for these columns on the database.
  8. So it is necessary to use SE14 tool to force conversion and update NULL values for Initial values. After that system will reconstruct this table and
    flag it as NOT NULL.

To adjust this table and force NOT NULL flag you can proceed as
indicated below:

 - SE14
 - Table Name
 - Extras -> Force Conversion

It should convert whole table and force NOT NULL flag for new fields

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