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After system upgrade or update, in transaction SPAU, some notes may appear with grey lights. These are obsolete notes.

These notes must be reset in SPAU. In case there are several such notes then it has to be performed one by one which is very time consuming and tedious task. 


SPAU, reset, obsolete note, mass reset.


With the following procedure, it's possible to mass reset the obsolete notes in SPAU

Step 1

 Apply Note 1975910 - Mass reset of obsolete notes in SPAU in transaction SNOTE

 Then run report NOTE_1975910 as the post-activity in Note 1975910

Step 2 

 Apply Note 1972294 - SPAU: Resetting of obsolete SAP Notes in transaction SNOTE in transaction SNOTE

 Then perform the post-activities in Note 1972294. Below are the screenshots of the post-activities for your reference.

  a) Call transaction SE41. Enter the program name SAPLSEMM and the status UPGR and choose "Change".

  b) Expand the selection of function keys, place the cursor in the field for entering the function code for Ctrl-F8 in "Freely Assigned Function Keys", and choose "Changed Selected Originals" from the application toolbar. The field is now released for the entry of the function code.


  c) Now enter the function code NOTE_RESET.

  d) Place the cursor in the field for entering the function text and double-click it. The dialog box that now appears is for selecting the text type. Select "Static Text" (default value).



  e) In the next dialog box, enter "Reset Obsolete SAP Notes" as the function text. As the information text, enter "Mass Reset of All Obsolete SAP Notes".



  f) Confirm the dialog box about the function attributes. Do not make any changes here.




  g) Insert the function code NOTE_RESET as item 30 in the application toolbar. Press ENTER to show the text, too.




  h) Activate the function code by choosing "Function code active<->inactive".

  i) Save your changes and activate the status.


  Step 3

  Go back to SNOTE, re-implement note 1972294 to comfim the post-activities finsihed, then Implementation Status will be changed to "Completely implemented".


After all these steps, go to transaction SPAU, you'd be able to see the new button "Reset Obsolete SAP Notes"


Additional Information

  See also below notes if reset obsolete note does not work in SPAU:

    Note 1930917 - SPAU: reset obsolete note

    Note 1713724 - Cannot reset Obsolete Notes during SPAU


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