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Transaction SE41: used for developing the CUA menus on your screen interfaces




  • The menu texts on a screen are corrupt (for example: question marks ??? are displayed instead of texts) or the menu is not shown like its definition in menu painter.

    With the re-generation of the affected CUA interface in TA SE41, the runtime information can be updated. In case there are many CUA interfaces erroneous, it can be useful to run report SAPRSEUG as explained in SAP note #29197.

  • The dump CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_LENG in SAPLSMPI or IMPORT_MISMATCH_ERRORS occurs during importing CUA interface from EUDB.

    The definition of the affected CUA interface is corrupt and can no longer be imported or used. With report RS_CUA_CHECK_IMPORT_FROM_EUDB it is possible to find more corrupt CUA interfaces. For further information about its usage and the background of that problem, please check the information in SAP note #1062390.