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Transaction SE80: ABAP object navigator around the workbench




  • Active objects are displayed as 'inactive'.

    With execution of report RS_WORKING_AREA_CONSISTENCE (see SAP note #538167) these inconsistencies can be fixed.

  • Inconsistencies in object tree (object list) in SE80.

    After removing/deleting/adding some objects, the object tree in SE80 may still show the old status. With function 'Rebuild object list' the list can be updated with the current changes.
    Further information can be found in SAP KBA #2169641.

  • Under some circumstances when importing SAPKB74011 you get a syntax error in SAPLSEWORKINGAREA: Field "G_ACTIVATION_RUN" is unknown.

    This problem is documented in SAP note #2196474 and can be fixed with the mentioned steps.
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  1. If you search for  "Applications" and "Packages":  Is the list of Industry Solutions that is retrieved a list of all of the Ind. Solutions that are available to be installed?  Or, does the list display only Ind. Solutions that have either been installed completely or had one of the related component installed and the “switch” has been activated for that component?  e.g. The Oil Industry Solution may be displayed in the list but only the TSW component (Trader/Scheduler Work Bench) has been switched on.  If the latter is true, is there a tool that you can use to determine which component(s) of an Industry Solution have been activated. 


    The menu path System > Status > Component Version will display the Industry Solutions that are installed but it does not indicate which specific components have been installed.