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When entering SFW5, some Reversible business functions are switched on (yellow light bulb icon). If the check box is ‘deselected’ for these reversible business functions, then the will be switched off. This is not what you want, therefore you have to leave them selected.

This is how it looks when entering transaction SFW5. You may want to expend the description column to see the full description and ‘(Reversible)’ attribute in the description as follow:


Now, you want to switch on business function LOG_EAM_WCM_1.

Then you select only check box for business function LOG_EAM_WCM_1 and do not touch any other check boxes.

It should look like the following:

Then when you press ‘Activate Changes’, you get the following pop-up:

You can safely press ‘Activate Changes’, considering that you have no users/jobs running productively at that time for this application area and that you have a recent backup on hand, as described on portal:

Precautions for switching on Business Functions:

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