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The purpose of this wiki page is to provide the steps required to create a python trace in the TREX Admin tool.


A python trace is a trace that can be used to analyse the calls that are sent from the application side to Trex. This specific trace can be used to record all of the Trex services. If you run into issues with Trex and your application such as search problems or indexing issues then you may be asked by SAP support to create a python trace to record the issue.

Procedure to create a Python Trace

  1. Open up the TREX Admin tool on the Trex Server
  2. Navigate the to the "Trace" tab
  3. Select the button "Python Trace"
  4. In the Pop-up select "Set trace"
  5. In the next pop-up specify the following
    1. The service that SAP support has request (e.g Indexserver)
    2. The user who executes the calls to be recorded. If this is left blank then calls from all users will be recorded
    3. The filename of the Python trace(e.g TEST)
    4. Select the specific trace function request by SAP support.(e.g Searching)
    5. The Trex host list allows you to activate the python trace on a specific host if required
  6. Click Ok to save the settings
  7. Click Ok to start the Python trace
  8. Execute the job you want to record the python trace for
  9. When the job is complete navigate again the "Trace" tab and select "python trace"
  10. Press the button "Stop Trace" and click "ok"
  11. Your trace will now appear in the "Trace" tab with the following extension ".py" (e.g
  12. Attach this trace file to the message and send it to SAP support for analysis.


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