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When you perform Reorganization, it returs the error "Python error; import LandscapeReorgProxy failed:<unknown> (can't import traceback module) ( Returncode 5526)"


Index reorganization cannot be executed even though Alert recommends it.


Python, reorg, 5526, LandscapeRerogProxy, traceback


This can be happen when trex envrionment variables are not correctly configured when BWA services were started up. Please check the python path by executing 'which python' on each BWA host.

  The correct path '/usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<instance>/exe/Python/bin/python'


Possible reason of the wrong configuration is that trexenv file does not exist on the blade or the contents of .sapenv file is different from other blades.


Copy trexenv.csh/ file to another blade which a wrong python path is configured, restart BWA services or logon to the blade again then check the python path. If this does not work, copy all the files (including hidden files) from the user home directly ('/home/<sid>adm) to the same user home directly on another blade which has the wrong python path then check the python path like the above.