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About it

This is a report used to check the consistency of data from cluster tables (old records which were not accessed for some time), it is normally recommended to run before performing some processes such as Unicode Conversion.


SAP Notes:

329932 - "No data found" displayed in Diagnosis Monitor

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Is there a way to predict when SDBI_CHECK_ORANUMBERS will be complete?

It is not possible to predict when program SDBI_CHECK_ORANUMBERS will finish.

I am executing the report, is there a way to find how many more objects it will need to process?

It writes a restart-point into table INDX and by checking the restart point it is possible to find out which table is currently being processed. The tables are processed in ascending order, so we could roughly estimate where the program is. To get the restart point you can run program RSINDX00 in the client where SDBI_CHECK_ORANUMBERS was started (000). Then specify INDX as table name and deselect all "Evaluation Options" except for "Display Data". Then execute (F8). On the selection popup enter '][' as "Area" and 'SDBI_CHECK_ORANUMBERS' as ID → Continue.

Is it possible to speed up the procedure at this point while the job is still running?

You can stop the program at any time. The only way to speed processing up is to run it in parallel with different sets of tables to be analyzed. So you might stop it and run it in parallel for the remaining tables.



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