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  • After a system upgrade or SAP Enhancement package installation,the SPAU adjustments can be performed within 14 days without any object key.
  • If the 14 days period is exceeded,an object key is required for performing the SPAU adjustments. 



14 days


  • After the upgrade, SAP has provided a 14 day period to perform the SPAU adjustments.
  • If it is done after 14 days, every object requests an object key. 


  1. Please note that this date cannot be extended.
  2. SAP recommends to complete the SPAU adjustments in the specified 14 day period.
  3. It is not supported by SAP to extend this 14 day period.
  4. If the adjustment is not completed in 14 days, object keys would be needed to perform the adjustments in the SPAU. 

Additional Information

see also SAP Note 1705730 - SPAU adjustment after 14 days of upgrade

 The SAP Software Change Registration Procedure (SSCR) 

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