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Software Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Software Maintenance cover the areas of release upgrades, Support Package and SAP Note implementation.


General Questions

Release Upgrades

Support Package Implementation and updates

SAP Note Implementation


Answers General Questions

What is the difference between update and upgrade, if any?

Updating SAP products is for applying support packs, patches or hotfixes. Upgrade term is used exclusively when product release is changed.

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Answers Release Upgrades

Can I upgrade my Netweaver Java system to a new release and apply the latest Support package at once?

Yes. Java upgrade offers the feature to bind the latest SP stack to the archives present on the Java DVD.

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Can I upgrade my Netweaver Java system to a new release and upgrade my third party software simultaneously?

Yes. Just make sure that the software SDAs from the source(old) Netweaver release have preserved their names and that the new SDAs are packed in an SCA. Put the SCAs in the inbox directory before starting PREPARE.

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Answers Support Package Implementation

Can I apply Netweaver support package stack and patches in one step?

Yes. From JSPM SP14 there is a functionality to apply selected patches with stack option in one step. Please see note #1080821.

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What is the benefit of using Netweaver support package stack over update of single packages?

Consistency. The XML file for selected OS/DB (if you follow the option Download basket/Save As File) contains a description of the Support Package Stack. This XML file allows JSPM to deploy a consistent Support Package Stack to your Netweaver system without any additional input. Please see note #884537.

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What is the recommended free space on file system JSPM needs to operate smoothly?

When patching Netweaver native components like Kernel or IGS - two to three  times the size of SAR archives.
When patching Netweaver 7.0 SDM - approximatelly the size of SDMKIT.jar
When patching Java components - two or three times the cumulative size of all Java archives (downloaded SCAs), depending on the Netweaver release.
Additionally, JSPM requires about 50MB under the JSPM directory for its logs and data files. Please see note #891895 for details.

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Is it possible to remove/undeploy software components with JSPM?

No. Undeployment of Netweaver components or applications can easily break runtime dependencies. In Netweaver Java 7.0 one can use SDM for undeployment.

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How to redeploy same component with JSPM?

JSPM does not allow to deploy an SCA with the same version (release, SP-level, patch-level) as an already deployed component. However, in some special cases you may need to redeploy an SCA with the same version. Use command line:
go "-config=/jspm/forceMode=true" "-config=/jspm/deployVersionRule=updateAll" to redeploy all SDAs. See note #1123333 for more options.

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How to use JSPM on UNIX system?

When JSPM is started it automatically starts its GUI on the local machine. If SAP system to be updated is on UNIX, it is recommended to redirect JSPM GUI to a Windows machine using Hummingbird Exceed software. Check note #1013976 for details.

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How to shorten update procedure of dual stack NW 7.0 systems?

Applying an SP to dual stack NW 7.0 systems sometimes takes hours due to large amount of services and applications running on top of Netweaver. The update of ABAP and Java stacks can be done in parallel, as far as few prerequisites are met. Please check "Updating Netweaver ABAP and Java stacks in parallel" blog to minimize the technical downtime during maintenance (advanced users).

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How do we get software component archives from SMP in an automated way?

Starting from Netweaver 7.0 SP14, one can use Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer for automated downloads. Software Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and Software Logistics Controller (SLC) take care for this automated service.

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