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Troubleshooting Guides for FAQ.


This WIKI contains FAQ of ABAP Dictionary and Development Workbench Tools. 




A: Apply  note 2172127 

Q: How to check DDIC inconsistencies.  

A: Read KBA 2180238 - DDIC Inconsistency Check [Video] with voice.


Q: Long time running / performance problem when converting a cluster or pool table like BSEG.

A: Cluster table like BSEG is different from a general transparent table. Convert it in DB is very time consuming. Never do conversion on cluster table like BSEG, if you have to do it. Make sure you have enough time and space in your project.


Q: Dump DDIC_TYPELENG_INCONSISTENT  occurs when accessing ST03 or ST03N.

A: Try note 1610716.

Q: What contents of table DDPRS or DDPRH can be deleted?

A: Tables DDPRS and DDPRH ("TRLOGSYSTEM") save the logs about changes of system change options, these tables are used for investigations if problems occurs. It is recommended to keep all logs of the last time, e.g. since the last upgrade. However, It is more like your decision which logs can be deleted but it is pretty safe to say that you will not need logs from two years ago.  

Q: After modified a table, the table cannot be activated by error 'Structure change at field level (convert table <TABLENAME>)'

A: Read KBA 2242616


Q: You have issues on tables with triggers.

A: Read KBA 2284776

Q: SAP System has status 'not modifiable' when change an object.

A: Read KBA 2172237


Q: Issue occurs on a specific function module.

A: Read KBA 2352213

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