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About it

This space contains relevant reports/programs in the context of BC-DB-DBI component, normally used to perform analysis in the system.



This report is used to verify the buffer in the system, you can check information such as, buffer synchronization time and buffer overview. The report is quite intuitive and can be safely executed in production system.

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Report used to check all the parameters in the system, can be executed in production, the information in this report can be also checked in transaction RZ13.


Report used to perform SQL queries in the system, to used it:

  1. Execute in transaction SE38;
  2. Enter the field "Table Name" with the table you like to check;
  3. In the next screen you can mark the fields you want to display;
  4. In the text box, you can write your SQL statement;
  5. You can also mark the flag "DISTINCT" and "COUNT(*)" to add these statements to the SQL.

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