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First of all I would advise you to please check the note 1049251.

2. Prerequisite for activation

    o  Unable to deactivate

       Before you activate Enterprise Extensions, note it is not possible to deactivate these extensions. Furthermore, not every Enterprise Extension is compatible with

       every Industry Extension.
       If you have activated an industry solution (known as a "Business Function Set") in your system, refer to the notes on how to activate the industry to find out if there

       are any restrictions regarding specific Enterprise Extensions.

    o  Required release

       SAP Enterprise Core Component 6.0 is required.

- There is no other way to de-activate it. The only thing is to restore the system back, when this business function was not active.

- It is not possible to activate the business function during the upgrade.

- This is a switch and it has to be manually click the Business function to activate it and once it is active there is no way to deactivate it.

- Advise is to restore the system from the back up when this business function was not active.

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