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The purpose of this page is to descibe how to add customer fields to business agreement.


The guid "How to Add Further Fields to Business Agreements" or German version describes how to add further fields to Business Agreement.


The structures FKKVKP and FKKVKP_S_DI contains several special CI_* includes intended for customer changes where own fields can be enhanced.
But there are strict rules driving to which include  have to place a new field corresponding to the data type:

a) structure FKKVKP & include CI_FKKVKP - intended ONLY for char fields!
b) structure FKKVKP & include CI_FKKVKP2 - intended ONLY for non-char fields
c) structure FKKVKP_S_DI & include CI_FKKVKP - intended ONLY for char fields shared with a)
d) structure FKKVKP_S_DI & include CI_FKKVKP2_DI - intended ONLY for character equivalents(!!) of non-char fields in b)

Therefore adjust  own customer include CI_FKKVKP according to the named rules to prevent errors.

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2250014 - FI-CA: Customer fields in CI Includes for Contract account and Contract object 

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Common Problems


Custom fields added in CRMM_BUAG_H and/or CRMM_BABR_H are not replicated in ISU.

The customer fields are missing in the ERP structure BAPI_TE_FKKVKP or BAPI_TE_FKKVK.


The field is missing in the CRM and also ERP structures CRMT_BUAGS_EI_SPEC_DATA and CRMT_BUAGS_EI_SPEC_DATA_X.


Add the customer fields in the ERP structure BAPI_TE_FKKVKP or BAPI_TE_FKKVK 

This fields can be filled using the parameter EXTENSIONIN (Reference Structure for BAPI Parameters ExtensionIn/Extension).

You may read the SAPHelp "Actions by the BAPI Developer" and "Actions by the Customer"

Table extension BAPI_TE_FKKVK is supported for table FKKVK and BAPI_TE_FKKVKP is supported for table FKKVKP." 

You may append these customer fields in structure BAPI_TE_FKKVK or BAPI_TE_FKKVKP via a customer append structure.

Afterwards you may use the BAPI Parameters ExtensionIn to fill it.

Check that the correction of the note 1759289 is applied.


Add the customer fields to the CRM and also ERP structures CRMT_BUAGS_EI_SPEC_DATA and CRMT_BUAGS_EI_SPEC_DATA_X.