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Why are after a successfull archiving execution the information in table DFKKZK is still available in the database (and not deleted as expected)?


Please read information of KBA 2214470 Archiving object FI_MKKPAYL (FI-CA: Payment lots): DFKKZK not deleted.

The entry in table DFKKZK is not deleted with the archiving deletion run.

Instead the status of an archived payment lot is changed into 9 (Lot archived).

Nevertheless the table DFKKZK is listed under the relevant tables for archiving object FI_MKKPAYL in transaction SARA  because the lot status is changed during the deletion run.

Note 2432171 delivered the report  RFKKZA09 to delete headers of the archived lots (with a restriction to the industry solution IS-U).
Header data of deleted lots are transferred into table DFKKZK_ARCKEY.

Note 2935901 removed the restriction of report  RFKKZA09  to the industry solution IS-U.