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BOL Tree



The  purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to BOL-Tree of utility specific data in the WebIC.


BOL-Tree is a hierachy to display and handle utilties specific objects.  Is very generic and can be used by many views.

Technical information


PackageShort Description
CRM_IU_IC_BOLTREEUtilities: IC WebClient - BOL Tree

Function Groups/Programs

Function GroupShort Description
CRM_IUIC_BOLTREEMaintenance Screen for BOL Tree


CL_CRM_IU_IC_BOL_TREE_IMPLRedefinition of Context ManagementGET_TREE_SRV read profie 
CL_CRM_IU_IC_BOL_TREE_SERVICE Class Generates Tree Service

 CL_IUICMD_BOL_TREE BOL Tree for Enhanced Identification

 CL_CRM_IU_BT_SL2_ENH Enhancement for Technical Data Tree Customizing

 CL_CRM_IU_BT_ENH Enhancement for Tree Customizing




 IUBOTREEIC Utilities and Telco - Tree


TA:CRM_ISU_TREE Maintain profiles 


To define the initial expanding behavior

Enter profile name and set Max Sibling Nodes, and Max Child Nodes

The Maximum Number of Sibling Nodes field defines the maximum number of siblings that the current node can possess, in order to be displayed as expanded when you call the tree hierarchy.

The Maximum Number of Child Nodes field defines the maximum number of child nodes that the current node can possess, in order to be displayed as expanded when you call the tree hierarchy.

Add icon to show BOL-Tree Customizing Profile Definition

Show the icon for the BOL-Tree Customizing profile settings: 

Logon in WebIC and go to "Personalize", click on "Personalize Settings" under Settings.

Set flag on "Enable configuration mode":

Image/data is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

Go back to WebIC profil and now you can see the icon for the BOL Tree profile.

Feature Filtering and Highlighting in BOL-Tree result lists

SAP note 2206331 provides the new feature IU_BOL_TREE_RES_FLTR_HLGHT (BOL Tree: Filtering and Highlighting in Search Result Lists,), which you can use to influence the behaviour of the result list. First implement the corrections from SAP note  2210933 in your system, including all required SAP Notes.
You can use transaction CRM_ISU_FEATURE to activate the new function using feature activation for the utilities industry. For more information about the activation, see SAP Note 2206334.
As for profile IUIC_SL5, this is a special profile implementation. Here the list of premises is always reduced to the confirmed one. It is hard-coded as such and normally this profile is used for the technical data view on the business partner overview page. So in this case the filter will not be effective here. 

If you use profile IUICMD_TO2 and the filter than apply SAP note 2270757 .
Filter  icon is displayed although no business partner is confirmed. Apply SAP note 2286412.

Implement note 2243864 which should fix the filter icon being displayed when it should not be. 

Feature BOL-Tree Preview overlay

SAP note 2422307 provides the new function that you can use to display enhanced information about objects in the business object layer (BOL) tree using a preview overlay. The preview overlay corresponds to the function already provided in SAP Note 2314755 for the recent items in the navigation bar. The steps required to maintain the contents of the preview overlay for the BOL tree also correspond to those for the recent items. The procedure is described in SAP Note 2314755 or its attached documentation described.

After you implement this SAP Note, you can use the function activation for the utilities industry (SAP Note 2206334) to activate the new feature IU_BOL_TREE_PREVIEW_OVERLAY. This creates an additional setting in Customizing for the BOL tree (transaction CRM_ISU_TREE). With this setting, you can individually specify whether the preview overlay should be used for each column of a BOL tree profile.

To do this, select your required profile in BOL tree Customizing and switch to the dependent maintenance view "Definition of Columns". After you activate the function IU_BOL_TREE_PREVIEW_OVERLAY, this view contains an additional "Preview" checkbox with which you can define whether the preview overlay should be activated for the cells in each individual column of the BOL tree profile. If you activate this function for a column, the system displays an overlay over the cell content that shows the attributes defined for the relevant UI object type (SAP Note 2314755) when you move the mouse over the cell.

Transaction CRM_ISU_FEATURE can be used to activate the new function IU_BOL_TREE_PREVIEW_OVERLAY. 

Feature Sorting Search Results in the Object Workbench 

SAP note  2419457 provides the new function to sorting of search results for the Object Workbench. Customizing for the new sorting functionality has been  added to the existing Object Workbench Customizing.
Now it is possible to sort search results within the Object Workbench. For every search function, it is possible to decide whether the results should be sorted or not. The sort can be done by an attribute value of the result object, or by an attribute value of a related object.
If there are more than 100 search results, sorting will not occur due to performance reasons.
Activate ISU feature IU_OBJ_WB_SEARCH_RES_SORT using transaction CRM_ISU_FEATURE to enable the sorting functionality as per SAP Note 2206334.

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