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A business partner without business agreement is confirmed. Then a new contrat is created. Within the view "Account and Payment Data"  a new business agreement will be created automatically if no business agremeent exist on the confirmed business partner. Then the user click on button "New Business Agreement" and a second new business agreement is created. But no second one sould be created. 


This is customizing issue. There is duplicate check flag in customizing which need to set if no new BUAG should  be created. Please perform the following steps to change the customizing:

Run SPRO:Select Customer Relationship Management->Master Data->Business Partner->Business Agreement->Creation of Business Agreement->Allocate Business Agreement Class

For Channel ICW, Please check the "duplic." flag for your defined business agreement class . Please check that flag and test the issue again. You should not get any new BUAG created if there is already new BUAG exist.