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The purpose of this site is to quickly describe how the check cockpit is used. 


A little guide how to start and use the Check Cockpit.  The check cockpit was initially released via note 1742546 as a tool to compare and correct data. It can also be used for a regular data selection/ monitoring tool. 

There are a couple of check to for the consistent download of technical objects (Connection Object/Premise/POD). Most of the checks covers the contract and their replication between CRM and ISU. 

SSP Help: Utilities Check Cockpit


The customer would need an CRM 7.0 EHP2 with an active business function CRM_UT_ER_2. For EHP1 please apply note 1742546 - Utilities Check Cockpit.
Number range objects CRM_UOCM and CRM_UOCM_I have to be maintain, see KBA note 1919089.


IUCCI Check Cockpit: Issue
IUCCIS Check Cockpit: Issue Search
IUCCRS Check Cockpit: Run Search

Available checks

  • Check category UORD

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_CANC – Search contracts cancelled in IS-U but not in CRM

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_DATES – Compare appointment ‘CONTSTART’ with its value in the CRM Utilities-Index

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_EVERH – Compare IS-U-contract history (EVERH) with the CRM Utilities-Index

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_I1030 – Check if status I1030 ‘errors’ is correctly set

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_I2413 – Check if status I2413 is correctly set


    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_POD_OCC – Search for Points of Delivery with multiple assigned Contracts

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_POD_REPL – Check IS-U Replication Error Monitor for Point of Delivery and Connection Object issues

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_REPL – Search for Contract related issues in IS-U Replication Error Monitor

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK_STAT – Generate IS-U Order error message statistic

  • Check category USLO

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_CONS_DL_CONNOBJ – Check Connection Objects for consistent Download

    • CL_CRM_ISU_CM_TO_WITHOUT_IB – Check for Technical Objects without an IBase component.

Run the Check Cockpit

To start the tool use business role UTIL_SALES and the following path

Here select the New button.

As there are check classes for business transactions are available select "Utilities Service Location"

Here several checks are selectable like "Check for Technical Objects without an IBase component". Apart of it the "Check Connection Objects for consistent Download" and "Check IS-U Replication Error Monitor (ERP) for Point of Delivery and Connection Object"

The help icon will provide more detailed information for the check.

Afterwards select when the batch job shall be executed. Either the jobs starts immediately or date/time is scheduled. Apart of it several other options like "After Job", "After Event" and "At Operation Mode" can be selected. The check cockpit also offers the possibility to schedule the execution of the check hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

When the check run was started there is always the possibility to terminate it. The results will be shown below.

The error prone entries can be marked and a correction can be triggered right away.

Image/data is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

Note: If the correction reports for example UCC CL_CRM_ISU_CM_TO_WITHOUT_IB→CORRECT_SINGLE_ENTRY should be run in production System,maintain the relevant user in the table

The Check Cockpit as monitoring tool

As from several customer requested there exists the need to monitor contracts based on different contract end dates and to schedule follow-up action items for agents or automated contact functions.

Such a need can be achieved in the check cockpit with a customer defined class. The new class shall inherit from class CL_CRM_ISU_CM_ORDER_CHECK. Method IF_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK~EXECUTE_CHECK is where you should perform your contract selection. Contracts eligible for follow-up actions are displayed as issues in the check cockpit. An Issue is created by adding a message linked to a contract inside method EXECUTE_CHECK. You can use different messages for different follow-up actions to be performed. The follow-up actions are performed in method IF_CRM_ISU_CM_CHECK~CORRECT. Depending on the issue message (CL_CRM_ISU_CM=>GET_ISSUE_MSGTEXT_STATIC), you can trigger different actions on the contract, e.g. triggering an alert, sending an email or notification.

Instead of mixing different follow-up actions in one check class on different messages, we recommend one check class per action type. This allows you to use a generic message across different classes. For example, you can define a message ZMSG001 with text ‘Follow-up &1 required’.

As explained in section "Run the Check Cockpit" the check can be scheduled for execution hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Enhance the Check Cockpit

Here see the information from the related The Utilities Check Cockpit (UCC) and the Check Repository in the process framework

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