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Welcome to the SAP Contract Accounts Receivables and Payable Wiki. This page is to be used to collect all information related to Utilities Industry Contract Accounting Receivable and Payable.


How Can You Improve SAP for Utilities?

From time to time a customer connect program is running (

The last Customer Connection program for SAP for Utilities was published in 2020: SAP for Utilities On Premise 2020.


Important Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) and SAP Notes:

How to enter good search terms to an SAP search? Please see KBA 2081285.

How to search SAP Notes for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable? Please see SAP note 515046.

Which is the correct component for a FI-CA issue? KBA 2236521.

How to debug a mass activity? KBA 2032637.



Latest KBA's and Consulting Notes

2403347 Change History is incomplete

2397486 FPSEC1: Error message 00 000 is raised

2391319 Mass activities: adding a parallel processing object is a modification

2388285 FPVA dunning supplier: dunning for deregulated items without aggregated posting

2385983 FP06: Error message >4 133 G/L account &1 does not exist is raised when using bundling items 

2376822 FPY1: error message >2 139 (Payment method &1 not allowed for country &2/partner bank ctry &3) in application log

2376720 Various FI-CA transactions: MESSAGE_TYPE_X SAPLFKB0 >0 361 >0 431

2376691 FQZ1/FQZ2/FQZ3: LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND / Program "SAPDFK91" not found

2369281 FPY1: exception 006 with error message >2074

2369200 FPVB: >0 034 Document type &1 not defined or does not have a valid number range

2366655 FP05/FPCPL: Dump >0 040 "Recon key already closed; choose another one" is raised

2363771 EMIGALL DOCUMENT: >0 340 Internal error: Missing call to FKK_CREATE_DOC_MASS_START

2363097 FPCM1: >0 127 You are not authorized to carry out activity Company Code 0001

Previous KBA and Consulting Notes


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