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Contract Management





Tips and Tricks around the contract management.


Utility contracts are utility service agreements between a utility company and its business partners.

The Contract Management is used to display a list of contracts for a business partner, to perform processes for the contracts and to access details such as contract data, product information, status, bill information, and cancellation data.
The contract management work center is designed to quickly perform contract related processes. It is not intended to be used as an overview page. 
An overview about the contract history can be found in the Account Overview or
Premise Overview.

Technical information


PackageShort description
CRM_IU_IC_6X_SI_PROC                         Base package of process framework (contains all relevan sub packages for process handling)
CRM_IU_IC_6X_SI_PROC_FRWUtilties Process Framework (contains for i.e. also all customizing tables)
CRM_IU_IC_6X_SI_PROC_FRW_UI Utilties Process Framework: UI handling
 CRM_IU_IC_6X_SI_PROC_IMPL Process implementation classes
 CRM_IU_IC_6X_SI_PROC_IMPL_UI Generic process interface (Handling of IUPRIVIEW)
 CRM_IU_CI_BTX Utilities Business Transactions C&I
CRM_IU_IC_6X_SIUtilities: IC WebClient - Sales Integration

Classes / Interfaces

NameShort description
interface IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS_MGR      
Utilities process manager                                           
IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS_CHECKProcess Framework: Check Repository Interface
IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS_HEADUtilities processes: Header
 IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS Utilities processes: Items
 IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS_CTXT Utilities processes: Context
 IF_CRM_IU_PROCESS_LOG_ACCESS Utilities processes: Log access


NameShort description
BAdI ORDER_SAVE with interface IF_EX_ORDER_SAVEBAdI CRM Order Save
BAdI CRM_ISU_SI_ORDER_ITEM_BADI with interface IF_CRM_ISU_ORDER_ITEM_BADI BAdI for Utilities Order items
BAdI CRM_ISU_ORDER_ITEM_CONFIG with interface IF_CRM_ISU_ORDER_ITEM_CONFIGAction points for customer logic during mass product change process introduced with note 2232768


NameShort description
CRMT_IU_PROC_CONF_STRUCT*            process configuration structure for each process category
-> defines what is displayed in the process customizingprocess


NameShort description
IUPRMAIN                                                     Utilities Contract - Process Framework
IUPRVIEWUtilities Contract (Views for single processes)
IUICCONIC Utilities Contract management overview
IUICCONDIC Utilities Contract / Quotations details
IUCONFIGIC Utilities Configuration
IUICACCPAYIC Utilities Account Payment Data
IUICCONPAYIC Utilities Contract Payment Data
IUICCONSUMIC Utilities Contract Payment Summary
IUICITEMDIC Utilities - Contract Item Details
IUCONHUtilities Contract - Header
IUCONIUtilities Contract - Item
IUICQUOT IC Utilities Quotation management overview
IUDEREG Utilities Market Communication Data
IUPRICESUtilities Prices
IUCONSUtilities Contract - Search
IUPRLOGIU Process Log History
IU1OTREEBOTree for Util1Order Component


Transaction Short description
Transaction: CRM_ISU_PROC         Process definition Customizing
Transaction: CRM_ISU_CONFIG                 Maintain view for table CRMC_IU_FLDMAP
View: CRMV_PROC_TYPEDefinition of item types
View: CRMV_ISU_SI Define process profile, assign process profile to Function profile IUPROCESS in the business role
 View: CRMV_IU_PR_PROASAssign processes to the process profile 
 View: CRMV_IU_PR_DEF Define processes
 View: ECRM_ISU_V_PROCT Assign Process Categories to Transaction Types
Transaction: CRMV_EVENTCustomizing Event Handler: Registration of events per business object

 Number range objects

CRM_EVERContract Numbers IS-U Contract
CRM_SALESNumber Range for CRM Sales Transaction

Data base tables

TableShort description
CRMD_ISUEXTA4Index table for IS-U contracts and quotations
CRMV_ISU_INDEX_H                                  IS-U Index table: Header
CRMV_ISU_INDEX_I                 IS-U Index table: Item Table
CRMD_ISU_CONT            Container for IS-U contract
CRMD_ISU_INCMPLTStorage table for all incomplete IS-U contracts  
CRMD_ISULOGA8Change history
CRMD_ISUSECA5Security deposit

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