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The  purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to identification of utility specific masta data in the WebIC.


Search Logic

Search for Business Partners:
A Business Partner (BP) is confirmed if exactly one BP is found by the search criteria.

Search for Premise:

The link between the BP and Premise is done first over the active contracts/quotations and then over the BP address.
When a BP is identified the system search in the table CRMD_ISUEXTA4 for existing active contracts/quotations.
Based on the active contracts/quotations the respective Point of Delivery (POD) is retrieved, the Premise will be confirmed and the technical environment for the Premise will be displayed in the result list.
If there was no active contract found for the BP then the system search for Premises with the Business Partner address as "Back Up Search Logic" and confirms the Premise if one was found.
The same strategy is used if you search for technical objects. If there was no active contract found for the Premise then the system search for BP with Premise address as "Back Up Search Logic"and confirms the BP if one was found.
New Feature to disable "Back Up Search Logic":
Set user paramter "CRM_IUIC_NO_ADDR_S" to "X" the Premise address will not be used to find a related BP and also the BP Address will not be used to find related premises.
See notes 2422064 and 2420380.

What are active contracts in query PDBYBP_Active_Query (CL_ECRM_ISU_SI_SEARCH_DETAILS GET_T_OBJS_FOR_ACTIVE_CONTRACT 

  • Active contracts are contracts were the contract end date is higher than the current system date and where the contract start date is lower than current system date.
  • Active quotations are quotations for which the requested start date is in the past and the end date is not yet reached.
  • Not considered were:
    • Contracts which are ended or contracts with a future contract start date.
      For ended contracts the reason is that the contract end date is lower than the current system date.
      For future contracts the reason is that there is a time slot between the current system date and the future contract start date.
    • Cancelled contracts.

Search for contacts which have been move out and also have a future move in:

Note 1989733 provide a new method SEARCH_ACTIVE_CONTRACTS class CL_IUICMD_CUCOMD_IMPL to Auto-Search for move-out contracts or future contracts.
In this case the method SEARCH_ACTIVE_CONTRACTS gets redefined on project base, the system will search for those kinds of contracts as well and possibly autoconfirm a Point of Delivery.
See also KBA 1876214 - CRM-IU: During the Identification of a Business  Partner no Premise is found

Use Cases:

  1. Unconfirm Premise:
    A business partner is confirmed  and over an active contract the dependent business agreement and premise is confirmed as well. Now the business agreement and the premise are unconfirmed. Only the business partner is now confirmed.  If a premise is searched and confirmed where a contract (active or non active) is assigned the dependent business agreement is not confirmed.

  2. Uconfirm Business Agreement:
    A business partner is confirmed that has several business agreements and contracts. Then a business agreement is confirmed , the system also automatically confirms the technical environment for this. Now the business agreement is unconfirmed. The confirmed premise will not be unconfirmed automatically because some processes can be executed  for this premise already.
    Then confirm another business agreement for the confirmed business partner. Note 2200110  provides the basis for aligning the technical environment within the identification based on the respective confirmed business agreement. The premise need to be unconfirmed and about the click on the new button "Search Automatically" a new search is executed. If a  contract is assigned for the new business agreement the premise should be confirmed.
    In release 7.14 the new button ""Search Automatically" is available by default. In release 7.13 the button need to be activated by customer enhancement on page framents of SingleObjectViewSet.frg in the component workbench.
    Apply note 2452124 to avoid dumps when pressing button "Search Automatically".



The methods of the class CL_IUICOBJS_SEARCHVS_IMPL have constantly been developed over time and, as a result, gradually increased in length. When customers want to enhance a specific part of the class, they also have to redefine these long classes. Customers have to manually adapt to all subsequent modifications made by SAP since there is currently no option to let the customers' redefined method inherit from the original class.
Note 2061703 provide new class CL_IUICOBJS_SEARCHVS2_IMPL.

Business role UTIL_IC_LEAN:

When searching for a business partner in the LEAN scenario it will look at all the contracts related to this business partner within the past 90 days. Using these contracts it will find all the related technical data and display it. CL_IUICMDC_CUCOMD_IMPL=>INITIALIZE_QUERY_ABC  * set default date range for contract search lv_date = sy-datum - 90. Check this in class CL_CRM_ISU_IL_M method IF_GENIL_APPL_INTLAY~GET_QUERY_RESULT and there the case statement CASE iv_query_name. Here you could see all the searches that are running during the search in ICWebClient. The date fields are included in the structure ls_efindpar for each search step. The automatic confirmation will be done in class CL_IUICMDC_CUCOMD_IMPL method SEARCH.

Enhanced Identification (Splittscreen)

This function is available with  the business function Utility Energy Retailer 2 (CRM_UT_ER_2). 

Context area/information bar

Use the BADI  CRM_IUICMD_BADI CL_DEF_CRM_IUICMD_BADI->IF_CRM_IUICMD_BADI~FILL_CALLER_DISPLAY to display customer specific information for the business partner and premise in the information bar. 

Free Text Search 

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