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2350291 Direct Input: Various problems after upgrade or implementing support packages due to erroneous BDT note


2326820 Runtime Errors GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in ABAP Program SAPLICL_BUPA_ICLC_BDT is raised during change of layouts for mass activities

2322220 Error message ATAB 026 "Group boxes do not exist for tab layout 5403." is raised during change of layouts for mass activities

2322203 FI-CA payment specifcation: Error message >4 610 "No Number range determined for payment specifications" is raised

2322073 SYNTAX_ERROR: Dictionary structure"SI_FKKKOT" is either not active or does not exist

2322069 FPR1/FPR2: How to fill Installment plan approval list? / FMCAILOT / DFMCAILOT

2276534 Dealing with problems in table NRIV for number range object FKK_BELEG

2273115 ISU_BILL: write report ends with error EMDUS600 (MDUS customizing)

2271713 CA_BUPA/FI_FICA: archiving report BUSOBARCH with wrong selection screen

2272589 FI-CA Transaction FPT8: runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED

2250014 FI-CA: Customer fields in CI Includes for Contract account and Contract object

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