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There are a couple of known performance issue about the business agreement in the bol tree or in the search. We recommend to implement them all to avoid the known issues especially for large data constructs with a huge amount of business agreements.


  • 2924558 Performance improvement for buag in some cases
  • 2930103 System taking too much time during 'Save and End Contact' & 'Move Out'
  • 2926719  Business Agreement search performance improvements
    There was side effect of that note 2147319 which was fixed by note 2176003. Therefore coding of note 2147319 was deleted with note 2176003.
  • 2678145 - Performance Issue for BP with many BuAg

  • 2120843  - Performance-Verbesserung für Geschäftsvereinbarungen im BOL-Tree
  • 2581783 - Better performance for BuAg on identification page → apply also follow-up note 2586466

  • 2862434 - Identification: Performance improvement for Business Agreements in non-split screen

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