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Read general information about posting areas in note 520127:

"From the viewpoint of business subprocesses, posting areas consolidate Customizing settings under one technical key."



FQC0Maintain Posting Area
FQCRAccount Determination: List

Further technical information


TFK033CAccount determination: Control
TFK033C1Account determination: Control  (F1/F4 Modules)
TFK033C2Account determination: Control  (Check Modules)
TFK033C3 Account determination: Control  (Navigation Module)
TFK033D Account determination: Data 
TFK033E Account determination: Choice of key used 
TFK033F Posting Areas 
TFK033G Posting Areas (Name) 
TFK033RAccount determination: Reading sequence 
TFK033V Posting Areas: Views 

Function Groups

Function GroupProgramDescription
FKC0 SAPLFKC0 FI-CA: Customizing      
FKC1SAPLFKC1Account Determination
FKC3 SAPLFKC3Application modules for acct determination
FKC5 SAPLFKC3 Application modules for acct determination

Function Modules

 Function Module Description
FKK_ACCOUNT_DETERMINE  Kontenfindung: Lesen der Kontenfindungstabellen   
FKK_ACCOUNT_DETERMINE_XXXXAccount Determination: DUMMY Module for Compiling Where-Used List     

Related Content


SAP NoteDescriptionDescriptio
520127 FI-CA consulting note: Account determination and posting areas
1847181 FQC0: Information concerning the partial transport of posting areas 
1956025Account determination/posting areas: Event 1151 to prevent automatic transport  


Common problems

Transport versus partial transport of a posting area