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Visual Composer 7.0

Welcome to Visual Composer 7.0. This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around SAP Visual Composer 7.0. Feel free to create and correct entries.

Visual Composer: Getting started

  • Page:
    Visual Composer Feedback — We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Visual Composer content we publish at SDN. We love to hear from our users to get feedback about Visual Composer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Page:
    FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collections of problems and questions with solutions and answers to topics around Visual Composer.

Known Bugs & workarounds

  • Page:
    Known Bugs & workarounds

    This section describes known Visual Composer bugs and workarounds for these bugs. You are welcome to post your known bugs and your workarounds.


  • Page:
    Guidelines — This section offers guidelines for modelers, building applications with Visual Composer. In order to optimize the lifecycle of your models and applications, multiple elements like naming conventions, localization, etc. have to be considered. You are welcome to contribute on this topic.

Step-by-Step Guides

  • Page:
    Step by Step — Get hands on and learn how to use the Visual Composer in step-by-step-guides.
  • Page:
    Model templates & Demos — Find here a collection of Visual Composer models, examples and demos.


  • Page:
    Modeling — Modeling is an art. With any art, there are many ways to do something. This is a collection for modelers of what to do and how to model specific applications and elements.

Services for Visual Composer

  • Page:
    Webservices for Visual Composer — This area contains a collection of webservices for SAP Visual Composer. Some of them were written by SDN users. Others are available from the internet.

Model templates & Demos

Learning Map

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  • Page:
    Bibliography — This is a collection of books for and around the SAP Visual Composer. Some of them were written by SDN users.

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VC Book

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer
by Carsten Bönnen & Mario Herger

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English / Europe
English / US
Deutsch / Europa

Praxishandbuch SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer
by Marcel Salein, Carsten Bönnen, Andreas Hardt, Christophe Mutzig

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Deutsch / Europa

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