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This page contains information about basic functionalities in SAP Launchpads.


Transactions available to call

  • LPD_CUST: Customizing transaction

  • LPD_CUST_DISPLAY: Customizing transaction, display only

  • LPD_CUST_PARAM: Parameter transaction which allows opening one specific launchpad in LPD_CUST without displaying the list, it can be used in IMG activities

User parameter options

User parameterValueDescription
LPD_DETAILS "Advanced Optional Parameters" are not displayed when selecting an entry in the launchpad.
X"Advanced Optional Parameters" are displayed when selecting an entry in the launchpad.
LPD_EXPERT In LPD_CUST: Default list of all launchpads.
XXIn LPD_CUST: Extended list of launchpads (version, user, delivered by SAP, switch id) and some additional features during customizing.
LPD_TEST_MODE No "Preview" button in launchpad toolbar.
X"Preview" button in launchpad toolbar.


 Default behavior in translation report APB_LPD_SHOW_TEXT_KEYS.
XTranslation of SAP texts is allowed in translation report APB_LPD_SHOW_TEXT_KEYS.
LPD_TRANSPORT No transport during "save".
XTransport during "save".



To open the Launchpads SAP Help Portal click on the highlighted "Show Documentation" tab.

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