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This page lists frequent common issues and provides known solutions for them.


SAP Notes about frequent problems

Most of these notes contain descriptions about how can you solve that specific problem, so please read them.


Note numberNote titleReleased on
2411031WDA: Getting multiple dumps CALL_FUNCTION_SIGNON_INCOMPL 09.01.2017
2406271WDA: DATREF_NOT_ASSIGNED in layout preview (SE80)21.12.2016
2404752WDA: WinWord.exe process is started multiple time for each WebDynpro application15.12.2016
2396302WD Component can not be generated due to errors -> long text25.11.2016
2391465WD-FPM: Only the half of the page is rendered21.11.2016
2389051ICF service for Clickjacking Framing Protection is not active11.11.2016
2384508WDA: Adobe support09.112016
2384432WDA: Browse button not fully visible11.11.2016
2378544WDA: change URL protocol to HTTPS17.10.2016
2376585Web Dynpro ALV table columns getting collapsed 11.10.2016
2375211IE Issue: Search result list of ABAP WD F4 Help not visible in IE1112.10.2016
2374602WDA-WDJ: Browser freezing in IE11 QUIRKS mode06.10.2016
2373771WDA - NWBC: New window opens in the background03.10.2016
2362111WDA: RAISE_EXCEPTION dump in class CL_WDR_MIME_PACKAGE02.09.2016
2345420WDA: Value Suggest no longer shows "No matches found"25.07.2016
2326039WDA: Users are not able to find entries in F4 search07.06.2016
2311402ASSERTION_FAILED in class CL_WDR_CLIENT_SSR_LS during file download29.04.2016
2299736Web Dynpro inside Portal - icons not rendered properly31.03.2016
2297238WDA: Google Chrome CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER dump in CLUR_NW7_USER_AGENT_INFO06.04.2016
2296658WDA: Value suggest header is missing28.03.2016
2295953WDA: Blank line between line break in TextEdit23.03.2016
2265923Language correction for MIME object 1x1.gif19.01.2016
2280412WDA: Dump CX_UR_NOT_SUPPORTED_DEVICE02.03.2016
2271459Missing WebDynpro popup and tray icons in NWBC28.01.2016
2269215WDA: UI element is not visible with container height 100%16.02.2016
2269139NWBC login fields are small / truncated 20.01.2016
2269134WDA: HTML Island Javascript event not executed20.01.2016
2268894ValueSuggest: Value suggest list no longer displayed after deletion of characters22.01.2016
2258696WDA: Search results are not visible in F4 help16.12.2015
2226762WDA: cannot select in the context menu08.10.2015
2223395WDA: Theme not applied although set in Global Settings30.09.2015
2222863WDA: Corrupted UI layout due to HTTP 404 for standards.css or ie6.css28.09.2015
2216132Table Column Width Changed10.09.2015
2215867WD ABAP ALV: New features relating to Web Dynpro ABAP ALV filter service10.09.2015
2214233WDA: Personal value list cannot be edited07.09.2015

WD ABAP ALV: Cannot move or add/remove Columns Selection in Settings dialog

2198241WDA: Dialog popup window freezes when opening 2nd time in IE1123.11.2015
2198046How to resolve user-specific issues in Webdynpro ABAP13.08.2015
2185064WDA: Filter is not working in table12.08.2015
2177353FATAL ERROR popup when running Web Dynpro Application23.06.2015
2172879Dropdown menu entries are not selectable in table toolbar27.05.2015
2166892SE80: Preview for WDA views displayed with errors with IE1110.12.2015
2162370Closing an application escaped characters are shown (&#x20)02.06.2015
2152783How to check Browser Compatibility information for SAP NetWeaver10.04.2015
2140862Cannot change selection in Radio Buttons in WebDynpro10.03.2015
2121085MIME deployment error after Unified Rendering update30.01.2015
2118251HTTP 404 error in report WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES21.01.2015
2115170Scroll event dump with Google Chrome in CL_WDR_CLIENT_APPLICATION14.01.2015
2114908Text field cursor jumps to the beginning of the field14.01.2015
2110245Missing icons at various places in Web Dynpro applications07.01.2015
2086049Change the theme for Web Dynpro ABAP12.12.2014
2064109Long running script error in SE8028.10.2014
2064031Help Center is not opening in Side Panel09.09.2014
2063041Web Dynpro configuration doesn't take effect after transport06.10.2014
2039285Popup: Double Encoding of Button Text and Tooltip27.02.2015
2035920Short Dump in Shared Memory of WebDynpro Configuration12.01.2015
2032888Context menu opens in wrong place20.06.2014
1988201dump DYN_CALL_METH_CLASS_NOT_FOUND when starting a Webdynpro Application11.11.2014
1976042New default theme in Web Dynpro with NW 7.4007.02.2014
1952840Dump: STRING_BAD_REF when using Webdynpro application09.12.2013
1937859Toolbar button is different with the new theme01.04.2014
1933805Stable ID for automated test31.10.2013
1933764Drag and drop is possible even after disabling personalization31.10.2013
1933469Tab behaviour in Webdynpro tables with horizontal scrollbar30.10.2013
1926853The language of text on FileUpload button08.11.2013
1922073UI element missing in Webdynpro application07.10.2013
1898326Web Dynpro ABAP - DateNavigator & DatePicker: Brazilian Portuguese   translation incorrect08.08.2013
1846236How to hide/show the 'Technical help' in the context menu12.02.2015
1823014Label alignment in Web Dynpro applications are incorrect16.01.2015
1791729FileUpload error: "Error when uploading; the file name is invalid or   the file is too large"12.11.2014
1781074Focus can't set to Password field by Tabulator17.09.2013
1590950Problem with personalization of webdynpro component03.06.2011
1590200Requirements to run Webdynpro ABAP application in Enterprise Portal18.05.2011
1098009Web Dynpro ABAP - List of known Restrictions and Browser Support18.03.2015




1 Comment

  1. Dear Gabor,

    Thank you very much for this very useful page. Thank to this, I did not have to open an OSS Message for webdynpro ABAP error this time (we get errors describe in note  2228192.

    Once more you are our rescuer, for the first time not in an OSS message.

    Best regards,

    Simon Redondie