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Hello All,

 Now, the background to this WIKI page was a real-time scenario. In my project there was a requirement to have two applications, Show and Edit. Witht he Edit application developed, I created a read-only attribute which was set to read-only = true in show application. Meanwhile, I thought of the possible usage of Configuration concept in WD ABAP. The result is the understanding of Configurations and this WIKI page.

 My edit application looked like this:
Now, in the show application, I had to disable the download, print, add, delete, select buttons. To achieve this result, I created a application configuration. The steps to create it are as follows:
1. Right-Click  on the application and select Create/Change Configuration.
2. Now, it opens a browser with the configurations. In this page, provide a unique name in the configuration field in left bar and click on link "Create" in the left-bottom side of the page. It displays the header details of the application.

3. You can choose to provide the same configuration name in the right-bottom side for the configuration of root component. 

4. Now, click on the button "Go to Component Configuration". In this page,click on the implicit configurations tab page. This display the Ui elements.
5. Choose the button to be disabled and set the property of Activated to No.

6. Save the configuration in the appropriate TR.

 7. Now, in the application parameters provide the WDConfigurationID with value as conifguration name.


So, the show demand application, without any change to layout or code appears with buttons disabled.

Additional Details: The configruation concept can be enhanced by usage of explicit configuration. Create a custom controller and set it as a configuration controller. Now, the context nodes in the controller can be mapped back to comp controller and view. These attributes are explosed in the configuration and can be handled later withotu any modification to the code.