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This page contains information about customizing options and functions in transaction LPD_CUST.


Opening the customizing editor

  • The Launchpad customizing editor is located in function group APB_LAUNCHPAD.

  • Launchpad customizing can be started with transaction LPD_CUST. The transaction starts a selection list of available Launchpads. Function module APB_LAUNCHPAD_SELECTION is called at this point.

  • After selection of a launchpad, class method CL_APB_LAUNCHPAD_LIST → call_main_dialog( ) executes function module APB_LAUNCHPAD_CALL. The launchpad object of type CL_APB_LAUNCHPAD is created in the method and directly handed over to the Launchpad transaction.


Important variables in this editor

Variable Description 
GD_ACTIVE_TREE Currently shown launchpad tree. “C” for customized version, “S” for SAP version.
GR_CUST_LAUNCHPAD Customized Launchpad Version (current version, could also be the SAP version in case of SAP version only).
GR_SAP_LAUNCHPAD SAP Launchpad Version. Gets initialized as soon as the user selects the “Show SAP Version” entry in customizing editor. Form routine read_sap_lpd is being used.


Functions on list screen

Function Function description 
Launchpad Create Creates a new launchpad.
Launchpad New repository  Creates a new repository launchpad.
Launchpad Read from other system  Copy launchpad from other system via RFC connection.
Launchpad Available application types Select application types which should be available in customizing. If a launchpad contains a hidden application type you will get an information message when opening the launchpad.
Launchpad Show Documentation  Show launchpad documentation.
Edit Show more columns Shows additional columns in the list: original language of a launchpad, namespace and package. This information is not displayed by default because starting LPD_CUST needs much more time with these columns. Internally we have to open each launchpad XML to get the information.
Edit Hide columns  Hide columns shown via "edit → show more columns".
Goto Expert ↔ Default

For expert users only! User can see all existing versions of a launchpad and get list of transport requests. Should only be used for analysis, not per default.


Functions on detail screen

Function Function description 
Launchpad Transport Triggers creation of transport requests for a launchpad.
Launchpad Text keys / Translation  Opens screen which shows text keys and allows navigation to translation transaction SE63.
Launchpad Rename  Set new launchpad title.
Launchpad Change switch id Change switch Id of a launchpad; only available in SAP systems. Customers cannot change or add a switch id.
Launchpad SAVE  Saves the current launchpad.
Launchpad SAVE_AS Saves the current launchpad with new name (same as copy).
Edit New Folder  Adds a new folder.
Edit New application Adds a new application.
Edit Add Separator  Adds a separator.
Edit Add Column Break Adds a column break.
Edit Delete  Deletes folder / application.
Goto Change package assignment Change namespace and package for a launchpad.
Extras General Settings  General settings for a launchpad (set icons as selectables, show application ids in LPD_CUST, use shared memory and set logon language for navigation).
Extras Source Parameters Define source parameters which can then be used in parameter mapping.
Extras Default Icons  Set default icons which should be displayed during runtime, only possible for non-FPM launchpads. For FPM launchpads the default icons are already set by the system. In addition you can change the settings if icons should be displayed at all.
Extras Delete End-User Launchpads Deletes existing end-user launchpads, clean-up activity.
Extras Prefill "Most frequently used"  Prefill the hit list table.
Extras Correct Text Table Text tables for the current launchpad are corrected.
Extras Show launchpad attributes  Opens a popup with the main launchpad attributes like package name, namespace, text key.


Additional Functions in toolbar:

  • Copy from other launchpad (copy an application link from another launchpad)

  • Link to repository application

  • Search (this is where the search list is needed)

Functions that only exist in the context menu of an application link:

  • Copy (copy link; the new link will be above the old one)

  • Where-used list (only for application links in repository launchpads)

  • Set visible / set disabled / set emphasized (only in FPM launchpads)



Repositories are used as a kind of "master launchpad". Application links created in a repository can be referenced in "normal" launchpads. If the link is changed in the repository, all other launchpads will use the new settings automatically (if they have not been overwritten).

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