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Drop down for a particular field in drop-down depends on various factors :

  1. If the value range is maintained in the domain of the particular field .
  2. Feeder is passing the dropdown values for a particular field.

Now, POWL as a framework checks whether the default value passed from the feeder is one of those values mentioned in the domain of the DATA Element for the particular field.

Eg: If the default value passed from the feeder for a field which is a dropdown is ABC. Considering the fact that the field has a value range / value table maintained for itself and there is no value as ABC ( which is passed as a default value from feeder ) , then POWL as a framework deletes the value ABC from the dropdown for the corresponding field.

The bigger problem here could be when the field is marked as a mandatory field. When this scenario is true, then error is triggered from the framework as " refresh is forbidden" OR " please maintain the mandatory fields " . The reason for the error is off-course the fact that the defalt value is deleted from the framework as it might not be one f the value present in the value table / value range of the corresponding domain.



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