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This page describes what kind of display and functionality issues can appear in Web Dynpro Applications. These are only examples and not the exact types and number of issues. Mostly if you facing similar bahaviours it could be a display issue.

Display and functionality issues

Functionally issues:

  • Drop down's drops down but can't click on it but with keybord it's functioning
  • Buttons not doing anything
  • In the column settings In ALV table are not working (up - down, add - remove buttons)

Display issues:

  • Overlapping text or objects (see screenshot 1)

  • Text edit has multiple linex, but badly aligned (see screenshot 2)

  • Text edit with multiple badly aligned linex but it should be blank comletly (no line is set to show up)  (see screenshot 3)

  • Drop down's are not working (see screenshot 4)

  • Expand sections (similary to drop down) not expanding or after expanding can't be closed (see screenshot 4)


Cause / Solution

These problems are caused mostly by Browser and SAP's Unified Rendering engine mismatch, as in the newer browsers the rendering engine is also changing. If you are using a newer browser on an older system (or at least an old Unified Rendering) you can get such errors on the page. To solve page errors you need to have an up to date version from this UR engine. To update it plese check this wiki page:

For testing you can use the "built in" test Web Dynpro application WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS. Here you can choose from different type of visual objects. You can test also events, for example a button's click event.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

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