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This article explains how to enhance a standard webdynpro componet and methods of view/component controller methods.

Follow the steps to enhance a webdynpro component

1. Open the WebDynpro component which you want to enhance from SE80 transaction.

  2. To enhacne any WebDynpro component we will use the Function Enhance ( Ctrl + F4 ) .

3. Now specify the enhancement name and short description, here we can add the additional component usages.

4. To modify the component Controller methods use the Ehance option from the tool bar and we will be able to enhance the methods of component controller.

5. To modify/enhance the methods we have three options "Pre exit" , "Overwrite exit" and "Post exit"

 Pre exit will trigger before the logic implemented in the method , post exit will trigger after the logic implemented in the method, overwrite will completely overwrite the existing logic.

6. Similarly we can also enhance the View elements with the enhance option, using this we can add or delete the UI elements.

7. Activate the component and test the functionality.

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