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Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a framework for the creation of web application user interfaces . The rendering is based on Web Dynpro ABAP and Unified Rendering.

FPM supports developers in creation of applications which are compliant to UI and accessibility guidelines. FPM offers predefined floorplans as application structure and predefined generic and reusable UI patterns for common use cases. FPM takes care of the central application control such as event loop, messaging and navigation. Applications based on FPM are highly configurable, yet adaptable by means of the comfortable FPM configuration editor which allows easy creation of even 'code-free' User Interfaces. End users have a large variety of personalization options to adapt the screens to their needs. In addition, 

FPM provides application developer APIs to SAP UI5, SAP BW, BOPFSADL, ABAP Push Channel, ABAP Message Channel, ABAP Launchpad and SAP Fiori Launchpad.

FPM is ideal for Development, but also for customers, partners and industries: Delivered UIs can be easily adapted without modification. The creation of new UIs is easily possible. FPM will guarantee a high degree of consistency throughout the suite of scenarios and applications used at the customer site - regardless whether they are developed by SAP of by the customer.

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