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This page contains some initial analysis the customer can perform before opening an incident to SAP.


First Steps

  1. Make sure you are using a supported browser based on the backend system's SP level: Browser supporting

  2. Check the Common Issues section of this wiki, maybe it is already a known problem.
  3. Run the webdynpro application without any outer framework (Portal, NWBC) and check if the issue persists that way.
    1. 2083790 - How to test a function outside NWBC environment
  4. Look for notes using the keywords provided in the dump, or using the class and method involved in the application.
    1. How to find a solution for short dumps from ST22?
    2. If no relevant results are displayed, run a new search removing the filter by component.
  5. Check the WDABAP Home page for other troubleshooting guides and analysis documents. 

Rendering issues

To check the latest corrections and the whole update process, visit Unified Rendering Notes - Which one to apply



Issue not solved, what needs to be provided when opening an Incident:

  • URL of the Web Dynpro application

  • Step-by-step description with screenshots about the exact reproduction of the issue.

  • HTTPWatch trace of the issue being reproduced. For more details on the HTTPWatch or Fiddler traces, please refer to Tools


  • Screenshot of the report WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES ran from transaction SE38.

  • SAP_BASIS or SAP_UI if available. e.g. SAPKB73113 or SAPK-74011INSAPUI.


  • If possible open R/3 and HTTP connections to the system

  • For the HTTP connection the URL must be set to the affected application. e.g.

  • For more details on how to open the connections please refer to SAP Notes:

    • HTTP - according to SAP Note 592085

    • R/3 - according to SAP Note 812732

    • Store Customer logon data in Secure Area - according to SAP Note 508140


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