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Steps for Language Translation in ABAP Web Dynpro Application

1.)  Create a Web Dynpro Application in SE80

2.) Creat a View say MAIN

3.) In the Layout of the View create a Button and set the label property as RootUIElimentContaine.

4.)  Go to Menu Bar and select Online Text Repository Browser.

5.) Select the node with package name and create it.

6.) Provide English_Button as Alias Name and some Text in the text Editor.

 7.) Save it.

8.) Again similarly create another alias name as German_Button, provide some text and save it.

9.) In the Button Text Property,  place the cursor on  English_Button & dbl click it.

10.) similarly do for another label text German_Button.

11.)  in window right click on the window and click on embed view

12.) In the Menu Bar goto Translation-> ABAP Objects-> Transport Object

click on Source/ Target Lang.

13.) Expand the Tree dbl click on it and provide your own translation .

test the application ...

 in the url change the language from EN to DE and see the changed output..

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