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This page contains information about the available launchpad versions, how to decide which one is being used and how to update existing versions.


The different versions of launchpads

  • SAP delivered version (the version number is no less than 1)

  • Customer version of the launchpad

  • End user version of a launchpad

All versions have the same role / instance. To decide if the version is an SAP delivered launchpad or a customer version, see the field; SAP_OBJECT (0 = customer object, 1 = SAP object).

Alternatively in transaction LPD_CUST the version can be checked in two places:

  1. In the "Icon" column of the Launchpad list:Launchpad_check_version_field


  2. Or in the title of the launchpad tree:




Logic to decide which Launchpad version is used in the front-end or in FPM

SAP version existsCustomer version existsEnd user version existsLaunchpad version used
YesYesYesEnd user version
YesYesNoCustomer version
YesNoNoSAP version

If there are several SAP versions, the version with the highest version number is going to be used. Please note that there might be inactive versions when a switch id is set and this switch id is switched off. These versions are not taken into account. For customer and end user versions the only possible version number is "000001".

In a customer system you cannot create an SAP version. End user versions can be created in every system, but these cannot be transported.

Update of user versions

If a customer version of a launchpad is transported from one system to another (e.g. development system to Q-system) and the launchpad already exists in the target system, user versions might need to be updated in the target system. When opening the launchpad in LPD_CUST a dialog box is shown; here the user can decide whether the corresponding end user versions should be updated or not.

  • Yes: The end user versions will be updated. New changelog entries will be transferred into table APB_LPD_CHANGELOG from table APB_LPD_TRANSLOG and the corresponding entries in table APB_LPD_TRANSLOG will be deleted.

  • No: The end user versions will not be updated. The changelog table APB_LPD_CHANGELOG will remain unchanged and the log entries in table APB_LPD_TRANSLOG will be deleted.

  • Cancel: No change will occur, currently nothing will be done.

This logic is implemented in function module APB_LAUNCHPAD_CALL.


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