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Easy-POWL Builder


The report POWL_EASY_BUILDER is used to create, maintain and check the table entries which defines a Easy-POWL feeder.


The class CL_POWL_EASY_FEEDER must exist and must be active.
The helper class implementing interface IF_POWL_EASY_FEEDER must exist and must be active.
The special reusable WebDynpro Component POWL_EASY must be implemented in the main application.


After specifying an Easy-Feeder class (or more using Wildcards) the following actions are possible:

  • Maintain
    On a new screen the table entries are displayed in different sections which are explained below. From there it is also possible to create a new feeder definition and to check a single existing feeder definition.
  • Check
    The table entries are checked for common mistakes. The result is displayed as text on a popup.
  • Create
    When a specific Easy-POWL feeder class is given, there are three possible ways to create a feeder definition:
    • Manually using the "Maintain" action.
    • Automatically by specifying the table type that is used for the POWL.
      For each component of the structure (from the table type), one text-view column is created in the "Appearance" section.
    • Automatically by specifying an existing standard feeder.
      As many information as possible are read from the standard feeder considering the entries in POWL_TYPE. They are used to build the "Basic Data", "Appearance" and "Interaction" section. The quality of the created entries depends strongly on the specific feeder.


The different sections are organized hierarchically:

  • Easy-POWL Feeder Definition

Existing active classes are listed which inherit CL_POWL_EASY_FEEDER as superclass. One class must be selected to view the "Basic Data".

  • Basic Data

Contains general data for each POWL-Type (which is defined in customizing transaction POWL_TYPE):

  • Appearance

Based on "Basic Data" this section contains Data to create the columns and selection criteria:


  • Technical Settings

Based on a column specified in "Appearance" this section contains technical settings for the field catalog and the selection criteria. These settings are not used often, but are needed for example to specify the sort order of a column containing an icon.

  • Interaction

Based on "Basic Data" this section contains Data defining the buttons and what happens when they are pressed:


  • In "Appearance" and "Interaction" all values can be enclosed in brackets. In this case an attribute with the name of the value is used. Attributes that are used this way must be made public.
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