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How to implement POWL Feeder -

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Reports for Personal Worklists

Client Side Eventing - Refresh From Client Window


POWL Layout Variants

Portal with POWL

POWL Pop-up Editor

Calculated Dates Functionality( Dynamic Selection Criteria ) 

Shadow Mode in POWL 

WebDynpro Client-Table enablement in POWL

Default value in Drop Down for a particular field in POWL

Default value in Drop Down for a particular field in POWL

Refresh Options - This feature is available from NW ABA/BASIS 702 release

The personalized refresh option feature allows a flexible refresh setting at query level. You can personalize your refresh settings based on your particular business requirements.

The refresh settings are made by the system administrator and are visible, and by default, read-only to the business user from the Personalize view. A system administrator can authorize business users to personalize the POWL refresh setting on a per-query basis. If you are authorized to personalize the refresh setting for a particular query, you can edit the refresh setting in the Personalize view. When you edit and save a setting for a refresh option, it is saved as your personalized setting for that particular query.

When you create a query that is based on an administrator query, the default refresh option is the same as is set for the administrator query. You can personalize the refresh option for the query, if you have authorization to personalize the refresh option for the administrator query.

When you create a query that is not based on an administrator query, the default refresh option is Manual Refresh Only. After creation of the new query, in the Personalize view, you can edit the refresh option.

  • Following are the possible Refresh types and their meanings:-

By user session we mean the time between login and logoff.

  • "On First List Visit" - will refresh each query only the first time in a particular user session
  • "On Every List Visit" - will refresh the query every time the user visits it
  • "On First Page Visit" - will refresh the default query of the POWL the first time when the POWL is loaded in a particular user session
  • "On Every Page Visit" - will refresh the default query of the POWL everytime the POWL is rendered within a particualr user session, e.g. while switching between POWLs
  • "Manual" - no automatic refresh, except if the REFRESHQ or REFRESHA flags of the POWL outbound plug have been set

Any changes done to the refresh type settings will take effect only on new queries created post the corrections, thereby deletion of old user queries via execution of report POWL_D01 is mandatory.

Refresh would still  happen in the following cases ignoring the manual refresh setting in the customizing:

  • Dynamic dates is on i.e. If the calculated dates feature is on.
  • If the POWL is first launched in shadow mode, and the queries in the non shadow mode is not run at all.
  • If the POWL is launched first time then it would refresh  and also after running the report POWL_D01.
  • If the visible columns feature is enabled in the configuration.

POWL Category


For each POWL Application, you can have one or more categories and each category can have one or more queries. When the POWL application gets displayed in a browser with all of its categories and queries, you can define the order/sequence in which the categories and queries can be displayed.

For this reason, POWL has provided the following three types of sequence numbers, which can be numbered in the transaction POWL_QUERYR.

Category sequence no: When you define more than one category for any POWL Application ID in POWL_QUERY transaction, you can position the categories from top to bottom starting from the position 1, for ex: if you assign 1 for CAT1 category and 2 for CAT2 category, In UI the top most Category will be CAT1 and CAT2 will be next.

NOTE: two different categories should not be assigned same category sequence no for one POWL application ID in POWL_QUERYR transaction

Query sequence no: When you define more than one query for any category in POWL_QUERY transaction, you can position the queries from left to right starting from the position 1, for ex: if you assign 1 for QUERY1 query and 2 for QUERY2  query, In UI the first query after the category name will be QUERY1 and QUERY2 will be next.

NOTE: two different queries should not be assigned same query sequence no for one category in POWL_QUERYR transaction.

Tab sequence no: Tab sequence number is same as query sequence number, except that it will be effective when you use ‘Layout’ as a ‘Tabstrip’ in Personalization layout tab on UI, i.e. it will impact the order in which the tabs are sequenced.


Introduction into POWER Lists

Technical aspects of POWL´s

Structure of POWL´s

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks. This post is very helpful.

    But I have a doubt. Does POWL_WLOAD report updates queries ? I think it updates querry results

  2. Former Member

    Hello Chandra,

    Thanks for your comments,

     Yes, POWL_WLOAD update the cache results with current data also.

    Best regards,


  3. Former Member

    Hello Friends,

    There is new update in wload about the query used in last days.

    Best regards,


  4. Former Member

    POWL_WLoad report selects all the queries in system based on selection criteria provided by the user and updates the cache for all the queries based on number of days now.

  5. Guest

    Hi Rohit,

    Very useful and nice post. It will really help people to effectively develop their POWL applications.

    Best Regards


  6. Former Member

    hello vineet,

    i need your help to make in more effective and more informative.

    Best regards.


  7. Guest

    Hi Rohit,

    This is a very useful post . Great stuff.

    Can you help me with a requirement . I need to add two Z fields to the PO Work list Output .

    Can you give me a guideline as to how to go about it .



  8. Former Member

    HI Himanshu,

    Please open the method of feeder class GET_FIELD_CATALOG.

    You can add the fields on this method. You can use the for this.

    Best regards,


  9. Former Member

    Hi Rohit ,

        Great Artical !!! Very Useful .

     We have an issue in POWL MSS screen for Leave and Working Time approval . We have 2 tabs first tab has Leave approvals list and leave approval count is showing correctly and second Tab has Working time approval and its count is always Zero ,even though we have items to approve . This issues is only for 2nd tab ,auto refresh is not happening . I found note 1679260 and its status is cannot be implemented.Please suggest on this .


    Best Regards,


  10. Former Member

    Hi Rohit,

    I need some help. The POWL list results have missing entries. I wanted to debug the POWL by putting a breakpoint on the feeder class but it is not getting triggered. How can I debug it from the portal?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Marie T.

  11. Hi Marie ,


    I have the same issue, Kindly let me know , If you have already got any solutions.