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Some practical help in the form of videos and step-by-step tutorials:



TopicDateVideo Length
Chart Component (SAPUI5 VizFrame): Getting to know the new GUIBBDec 2017(11:20)
App Descriptors and the Mass Maintenance ToolOct 2017(07.5)
Architecture Overview - Expert Talk - FPM and WDA - Dirk Becker - 2017-10-06 Oct 2017(14.15)
Visual Business GUIBB: Getting StartedSept 2016(06:42)
 Attribute Filter GUIBB: Creating a Simple ImplementationFeb 2016(06:16)
 Tabbed GUIBB: Getting StartedFeb 2016(03:04)
 Carousel GUBB: Getting StartedFeb 2016(04:17)

   List GUIBB: New Productivity Features

  Feb 2015  (06:41)
   Lectures UXP105 & UXP261:
    • Big Data @ WDA/FPM (Analytical Content & Productivity Features)
    • Simplify Your Development with WD ABAP & FPM
  SAP TechEd && d-code 2014




Interactive Tutorials


Work your way through a selection of step-by-step, interactive tutorials.

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