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Allow Shadowing -> Option to allow same query to be opened in multiple sessions.

POWL queries are personalized queries that are locked for a user in a particular session. Meaning, when the same user opens the same query in the second session, the query is displayed in a disabled mode from the second session onwards. This is the normal behavior of POWL.

Nevertheless, in cases where same 'User Ids' will be shared across business users, it is critical to have the same query opened in N number of sessions in an enabled state to allow the users to perform their business operation. This behavior can be switched on explicitly from the configuration and is referred to as 'Shadowing Mode' execution of POWL.

Find below a step by step procedure on how to configure components

1. Start transaction SE80 and enter the transaction POWL_UI_COMP
2. Right click on node 'POWL_UI_COMP' or 'Component Configurations' -> create/change configuration
3. Web Dynpro Configuration Editor will start up
4. Enter 'POWL_UI_COMP' into the field component name and choose a name for your configuration
5. Hit the link 'create' the left function section
6. Click on tab 'explicit configuration'
7. Select the node 'CONF_DATA'
8. You have the following configuration possibilities:

  • allowShadowing

9. Select this option and save.

10. On the left panel you need to hit the save button in the 'Changed Configuration' section.
11. Now you need to create the application configuration
12. Go back to SE80 and select the node Web Dynpro Applications
13. Right click -> create/change configuration
14. In Application Configuration editor enter the following

  • Application = POWL
  • Configuration = <your choice>

15. hit create in the functions section
16. In the section 'Configuration of Root Component' please enter the previously created component configuration (step 1-11)
17. Save your configuration
18. When you get back to the se80 and click the refresh button above the object tree, your configurations will appear.
19. You can test the configuration by right click and 'Test' or by adding to the URL Parameter - sap-wd-configId=<YOUR_CONFIGID>.

In shadow mode, the links Define New Query and Personalize are disabled, only Change query is available. This has been done in order to ensure that the actual query is consistent and no changes happen in absence of proper locks on the query.

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