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There are quite some links on SDN relating to this topic. Still, I find a need to post this as my first page on WIKI.  

 Stylesheet / Custom Themes for Web Dynpro ABAP. How do you do it? Some steps to follow before creating your own custom Themes:

1. To get the Theme files and the Theme Editor: Download the Eclipse Theme Editor and it's accompanying guide:

The Theme Editor also works with NWDS version 7.0.11. Read the accompanying guide to place the zipped Theme files in the right location. With the help of Theme Editor it is easy to edit your themes and save it. It is WYSIWYG tool.  

2. To be able to upload your theme in WDA follow this link:

For the person from JAVA Web Dynpro background, I had to look for which transaction could run the report BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS. It is SE38. 

However you cannot achieve everything with it: To name few:

1. Links: hovereffect with image is not possible. Links cannot be bold, but button-text can be bold. If you select the standard font weight to be bold then you have everthing in bold. Quite logical.... (wink)

2. *No Page Header UI element: *Modifications could be done manually but then with every change to the Themes with the Theme Editor manual change is overwritten. Tip: Make use of the gobal search editor which would do the Global search and replace. UltraEdit / Mulitple file search and replace editor.

3. No Pop-up UI element.  (Pop-up window : Theme is still in SAP Color - blue ) 

After reading this if you have anymore doubts, questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to email me.

Good Luck,

Dharmi Tanna 

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