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I was told this interesting solution to translate OTR texts by a colleague. I dont know whether transaction SE63_OTRshould work, but on the systems I had worked on it always throwed an abort message saying: old coding, please use SE63. I never figured out how to use SE63 for OTR to translate texts fast and easy. I am probably not the only one since there is another weblogwith another approach recently released.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Call transaction SOTR_EDIT

2. Search for the text you want to translate and edit it:

3. In the menu choose: Edit -> Context -> Change:

 4. Push the cancel button...:

 5. For some reason the select box Language changes from display to edit mode:

6. Switch to target language and save your data

7. On the initial screen you can now provide another alias, push display button and proceed with step 3: this will switch all necessary field to edit mode.


  1. Unknown User (trry8wc)

    This is really cool. This helped me a lot. I was just scratching my head to do the translation.


  2. Unknown User (a59vfga)

    Thank you so much! I tried to figure out how se63 works for two days now. This tip here really helped to stop me getting crazy!

  3. Unknown User (i2n7fyl)

    images not displayed please update images 

  4. Former Member

    Thanks - this helped me, too. I noticed another effect. Often I got error message: "No correction entry has been created"
    Solution: Restart sotr_edit - I had to do nearly every 2nd entry.

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